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SECOND LIFE and Other 1:1 (Life Size) SCALE

pictures from Second Life , the virtual online reality. I created the railroad sections (with shiny rail tops) and the flatcars; all pictured here in Zarahemlah's LDS Sandbox.

Two flatcars coupled

me and my 40 foot bulkhead flatcar

caboose, an early prim heavy version

Gorilla Yard Wagon - CAV 1604 - Recycling Mode

Please Recycle!

I plan to stage this wagon next to garbage cans at community picnics to encourage people to divert recyclable items into it.

first big load
of recyclables!

1:87 (HO) SCALE

Thistle Flood

'Thistle, Caveton Wye' modular model railroad scene
based on a real Utah site, Thistle , where the disastrous Thistle Mudslide blocked Spanish Fork Canyon, April 1983, with a 200 foot deep lake! Two railroads and three concurrent US highways were severed!

modular layout 3D illustration,
Two closest
modules are built!

Pre diversion
layout plan

upstream face of
Thistle Mudslide
Billies Mountain.
Lava rock
passenger station
serves the site.

close up wood frame
triple but joint

New US 89 Bridge
over Thistle Lake

Caveton Creek Bridges

  • Bridges span a creek and very active sub techtonic fault:
    1. Thistle Memorial (Suspension) Bridge.
    2. Price Wye Leg.
    3. Union Pacific mainline + interchange siding.
    4. maintenance road (in canyon below)

CAV 004 - 200 ton derek
CAV 005 - boom tender:

  • slide out stabilizers
  • operating winch and pulleys
  • free 360 degree rotation

CAV 002 - Stalactite Breaker Car:

  • kilometers of underground track
  • worlds fastest growing stalactites
    necessitates frequent tunnel cleaning.
  • collection offered to tourists.

A metro named 'Beguile' + Caveton Freight 4

  • Bridges span a creek and very active sub techtonic fault:
    1. Beguile (an intercity 'Metro' train) on Thistle Memorial (Suspension) Bridge (another angle).
    2. Caveton Freight 4 switching on Price Wye Leg.
    3. note dragon in open air scenic excursion gondola.
    4. Wasatch Range mountains in distance.

'Beguile's snake head end.

CAV 007 rotary snow plow

  • Can eat into extremely deep snow!
  • Esential equipement for a big snow ball fight!
  • Usually sees use at least once a winter on Indianola Pass .

more freight cars

more freight cars

Maintenance Of Way Train

- with their own caboose!
Oft used to change
out cables on
'Thistle Memorial
(Suspension) Bridge'

MOW freight cars
with curious loads

1869 meets 2018

mogul + 86 foot box

4 Pixels = ONE FOOT

'Classification Yard' animated gif repeating background TILE

1:40 (B) SCALE

building block shortage inspired construction of 1:40 scale American Standard Gauge rolling stock and track, using mostly cardboard (both cardstock and corrugated), frozen treat sticks, and plastic sheet representing glass windows. Construction began Summer 1986; CAV 1501 added Summer 2004.

1:40 (B) SCALE:
  • 25 millimeters (0.984 inches) = one meter (3.28084 feet).
  • 6 Inches = 20 Scale Feet
  • TRACK GAUGE= 35 millimeters (1.457 inches) American Standard Gauge

  • Bedside Curve

    Bridal Veil
    (Tunnel) Wye

    track switch

    1:40 scale Monkaya's Diversion Dam,
    A home built role playing model with:
  • Working sluice gates adjusted by hand wheels.
  • Water level gauge with level indicator tiles.
  • Weir stop log with minimal flow maintenance hole. This dam replaces earth fill dam and reservoir and diverts water to powerhouse pentstock and large water storage cave.
  • 1:40 scale CAV 101 'mogul' steam locomotive
    < OOO o

    high elev 3-D view

    low elev 3-D view

    detail inside cab

    1:40 scale CAV 404 cupola caboose

    • 1:40 scale.
    • the 'crew caboose' on 'Caveton Freight 4'.
    • home away from home.

    CAV 202 - 1:40 scale 40 foot bulkhead flatcar

    • Bulkheads and stakes can be removed.
    • deck is 4 feet above rail heads'.
    • .

    1:40 scale CAV 1501 (center beam) Document Car

    • (behind 40 foot flat car in 1:40 scale Train Room Yard).
    • largest 1:40 piece of rolling stock I have built.
    • 16 meter (52.5 feet) long
    • can carry Four National Geographic magazines!
    • I haul real mail with this freight car.

    CAV 301 as Easter Gondola

    • 1:40 scale.
    • Orange paint is cheery!
    • Note two fancy eggs!
    • Orej were-dragon) ,
    • Karknak (centaur, dragon's older brother),
    • Monkaya (werewolf)
    • Stewed (bondage punk werewolf)
    • K-9 (Wookie),

    'Lionel' 1:48 (O) SCALE

    < 2-6-2 (cast iron?)
    steam locomotive

    Lionel layout

    layout under
    Christmas tree

    Golden Spike 150 years!

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