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    Assembly plan

    Assembly plan (for top half)

    • Seams show where several pieces are sewn together
    • Both shirt and fore paw are assembled from front and back pieces.
    • Paw gauntlet sleeve and (arm) sleeve are cylinders with lengthwise seam.
    • Paw claws equipped with 'thimbles' or 'cups' for costumer's human fingers

    Back view

    1. Note length of snout,
    2. bondage collar
    3. hooded denim shirt,
    4. Caveton Werewolf Bureau vest
    5. 4 buckle boots


    1. lengthened 11 Nov 2004
    2. Tail dimensions:
      1. length: 0.66 Meters (2.17 feet)
      2. Diameter: 0.20 Meters (0.65 feet)
    3. Stuffing: polyester (cotton like) bulk fiber
    4. Hangs on belt via two heavy leather loops.

    Monkaya in harness in mirror with camera in left fore paw.

    October 2005 Improvements ...

    1. Self digital photo in mirior;
    2. Larger ears;
    3. Side tufts;
    4. Fuzzy eyebrows;
    5. Fur shirt;
    6. Stripes on tail;

    Back of lupine harness,
    Santa Cluase parade 2005, South Towne Center (Mall)

    ... incl. New lupine harness!

    1. twelve 40 millimeter (1.57 inch) wide straps,
      • Three straps have 'Monkaya' engraved on them for identification;
    2. Eight 50.8 millimeter (2 inch) 'O' rings,
    3. buckle closure;

    Monkaya at Black Island Farm's
    hay ride sign near their corn field maze

    silhouette window hanging
    for Halloween

    Monkaya as 'Santa Wolf',
    family Christmas party

    CONDUIT pictures!

    A science fiction and fantasy convention in Salt Lake City, 26 - 28 May 2006.

    Monkaya with black fox in Dealer's Room

    Monkaya plus Kathryn's cute wolf puppet howl a song after masquerade.

    Bev's Monkaya
    Full suit view by Beverly
    I look too mean and vicious here.

    con(vention) badge

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